Ohio Legislative Information Systems (LIS) has been providing computer education for the legislative community since 1997 in our Computer Education Center now located on the 15th floor of the Riffe Center. We provide hands-on technology training to the members and staff of the Ohio Legislature and to the staff of select legislative agencies in a variety of leading software packages, proprietary applications and technological resources. This training has paved the way for our customers to:

  • Achieve job-specific requirements.
  • Experience greater levels of efficiency in their job performance.
  • Increase their software knowledge to meet the ever-expanding challenges of implementing technology in the workplace.
  • Achieve professional certification in Microsoft Office products.

In concert with the LIS Vision http://www.lis.state.oh.us, the Computer Education Center adheres to the following values in developing and delivering technology training courses:

Cost Effective

In these budget sensitive times, LIS provides free computer training to the General Assembly and its supporting agencies. This ensures that the employees remain on the cutting edge of computer technology without the budgetary strain that can accompany it.

Time Sensitive

We realize the demands on the General Assembly staff and its supporting agencies. With this in mind, our classes are no more than two hours in length. This allows employees the freedom to enhance their computer skills without being away from the office for an extended period of time.

Skill Specific

How can we offer a two-hour computer class? By focusing on skill specific learning objects and not filling the class with a lot of elementary concepts that are redundant between software applications.

Hands-on Training

Our classes provide the combination of not only explaining and demonstrating how the skill is performed, but also give the opportunity to "test drive" the skill in class, at individual computer workstations. This hands-on experience provides the opportunity to practice the skill and to solicit feedback and direction from the instructor.

Custom Curriculum

In many of our courses, employees receive a workbook that is written specifically for the class attended. This curriculum provides detailed steps on how to perform the skills addressed in class. In addition, the manual also contains skill practice exercises at the end of each section. These exercises are completed by the students in class and can also be used to rehearse the skill when they are back in their office.

After Class Support

Desk side support is always available regardless of whether you attended a class or not. Just pick up the phone or send an email, and help is on the way!